FileZ 6.8.3

View, delete and send files saved on your Palm


  • Powerful file management
  • File editor
  • Open source


  • Advanced user level


One of the key complaints made by users of handheld computers (both Palm and Windows) is the lack of a high-quality integrated file manager. Programs like FileZ set out to correct this failing by providing a one stop shop for browsing and managing your device’s file structure and memory cards.

The file management tool in Filez is powerful and comprehensively featured. Allowing you to view and alter the attributes of all files on your PDA (including protected ROM files), it represents a massive improvement on the software that ships with your Palm. However, it is advisable that caution is taken while working with FileZ. As is made abundantly clear in the program’s manual, FileZ allows you to edit aspects of your PDA’s system files which could cause irreparable damage to your system. For this reason, FileZ can only really be recommended to expert users.

FileZ also incorporates a system information screen which displays basic information on your PDA’s memory, battery and connection state. This useful function is now commonplace among file manager applications, and often proves a godsend when investigating compatibility, free space and power issues.

In its genre, FileZ hold a special place. Being completely free, open source and containing powerful file editing tools, Filez is a must have for all advanced users and Palm programmers. But it’s because of these powerful tools that FileZ is not recommended to inexperienced Palm owners.

New and improved selection system Progress bar has been included Second configurable column Faster results list


  • New and improved selection system Progress bar has been included Second configurable column Faster results list

FileZ is the premiere freely available file utility for Palm OS. It gives you full access to your handheld's files, system info, and preferences. The intuitive file browser allows you view, edit, copy, move, delete and send any file located on your handheld or an external card such as Secure Digital (SD) cards or Memory Sticks. FileZ also includes extensive system information, such as memory usage and battery status. A preference editor allows you to view and delete preferences for any application on your handheld. All of this in an easy to use and customizable interface.

For any file in your handheld's internal memory or on an external card, you can view and edit general information such as the file's name, attributes (full), and dates. Any file can be copied, moved, sent (via Bluetooth or Infrared), or deleted. Files in internal memory can also be directly viewed and edited. You can also view information about any folder, such as the total size, as well as warnings about potential problems with the contents of the folder (illegal file names, etc.). The file listing allows for extensive customization: sort and filter the list in a variety of ways, and select what file information you want to see in the list. With 320x480 resolution support, the file list uses the maximum screen space available. You can also export the file list to the Memo Pad application.

FileZ presents a wealth of information about your handheld's internals. Three tabs of information give you details about your handheld's memory, battery, and syncing. Memory info includes free/available/total amounts, filesystem info, and more. Battery info includes current/warning/critical values, battery type, and more. Sync info includes some details about your handheld's identity and sync history.



FileZ 6.8.3

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